Turbulence and combustion computational research group

Scientific Projects and Industrial Studies

Projects supported by the Republic of Serbia Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development:

  1. Since 2011, “Increase in energy and ecology efficiency of processes in pulverized coal-fired furnace and optimization of utility steam boiler air preheater by using in-house developed software tools”
  2. 2008-2010, “Development and application of models and softwares for simulaton of processes in pulverized coal-fired utility boiler furnaces for the purpose of increasing energy efficiency and reducing emission of pollution”
  3. 2005-2007, “Modeling and numerical simulation of turbulent flow and thermal processes in utility boiler furnaces“
  4. 2002-2004, “Investigation of hightemperature, turbulent, multiphase, multicomponent flows“
  5. 1993-2002, “Investigation of fundamental processes in thermal energy“, subproject: “Contemporary problems of fluid flows“, research topic: “Investigation of turbulent, hightemperature, reactive flows“

Studies supported by the Electric Power Industry of Serbia:

  1. 2010–2011, “Possibility of implementation of primary measures for NOx emission reduction from pulverized lignite-fired utility boilers”
  2. 2006-2009, “Mathematical models and software tools for simulation of flow and thermal processes within the equipment of utility boiler units, for the purpose of working regimes diagnostics and prediction of operating situations”, subproject: “Mathematical model of processes in pulverized coal-fired boiler furnace“

International cooperation:

  1. 2005-2008, “Investigation and optimization of thermal processes in energy facilities and plants, by means of computational thermal analysis“, in cooperation with the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering-Skopje, University “Sts. Cyril and Methodius”, Skopje, FYR Macedonia