About us

Our vision and mission

Main interests of the research group include mathematical modeling, numerical methods and software development/application for simulation, analysis and optimization of flow, heat/mass transfer and chemical reactions in full-scale energy conversion systems.

Various fields of investigation are covered, such as:

  • turbulence and combustion modeling,
  • modeling of thermal radiation,
  • modeling of two-phase turbulent reactive flows,
  • CFD software development and application,
  • clean coal technologies,
  • renewable energy sources utilization, etc.

Currently, research activities focus on clean coal technologies with respect to the modeling of complex processes in full-scale utility boiler pulverized coal-fired furnaces, such as:

  • development of user-friendly software tools to support clean & efficient (co)combustion of solid fuels,
  • combustion modifications to reduce NOx emission,
  • furnace sorbent injection of pulverized limestone to mitigate SO2 emission,
  • direct cofiring of pulverized biomass with coal,
  • radiative heat transfer and the water walls ash deposits,
  • interphase exchanges in particle laden two-phase flows,
  • prediction of nucleate pool boiling,

in order to increase the combustion efficiency, mitigate the emissions and improve the flexibility of the steam boiler operation and optimize the flow and heat/mass transfer in different energy conversion systems.

We are planning to extended our research to the prediction/implementation of SNCR/SCR methods and combined primary/secondary de-NOx measures, investigation of turbulence-radiation interactions, modeling of premixed flames, etc.


The research staff consists mainly of profienced engineers skilled in research of processes involving combustion and heat exchage in turbulent two-phase flows.

Srđan Belošević

Srđan Belošević

Principal research fellow

Researcher in modeling of two-phase turbulent reactive flow & development of computer codes. Experienced in numerical analysis of flow & heat/mass transfer in high-efficiency, low-emissions solid fuel-fired energy systems.

Nenad Crnomarković

Nenad Crnomarković

Senior research associate

Long-term expirience in experimental work and numerical simulations, as well as field measurements of various industrial facilities.

Andrijana Stojanović

Andrijana Stojanović

Research associate

Researcher in modeling heat and mass transfer of two-phase flows. Experienced in numerical analysis of turbulent premixed combustion.

Ivan Tomanović

Ivan Tomanović

Research associate

Skilled researcher in clean coal technologies, with focus on flue gas desulfurization by direct sorbent injection. Expirienced in heat and mass transfer simulation in energy systems.

Aleksandar Milićević

Aleksandar Milićević

Research associate

Researcher in mathematical modeling and software development for simulation, analysis and optimization of (co)combustion of pulverized fuels (coal and biomass) in coal fired utility boiler furnaces and other energy conversion systems, in order to improve energy efficiency, reduce pollutants and technology transfer to end-users.



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Current and future directions and research areas

  • Turbulence and combustion modeling

  • Thermal radiation modeling

  • Numerical Prediction of Multiphase Flows

  • CFD software development and application

  • Simulation and optimization of energy conversion systems

  • Clean coal technologies

  • Renewable energy sources

Selected group references

The group published over 63 papers in scientific journals indexed in WoS and Scopus bases, and presented more than 101 results on international and national conferences, printed in the full paper proceedings or books of abstracts. Selected publications are listed below, while the more complete list of references can be found here. Young researchers successfully completed 5 thesis while working on project the group participated in. More details on completed thesis can be found can be found here. Results produced during the research over the years were successfully implemented in 7 technical solutions, and 1 patent. Published references and succesfully implemented projects attest to the group strength and quality of the research.

Selected publications