Turbulence and combustion computational research group

Dr Miroslav Sijerčić

Research professor

Professional Biography

Dr Miroslav A. Sijerčić was born on June 18th 1942, in Belgrade. In 1967, Miroslav Sijerčić graduated the Mechanical Engineering Faculty (Department for Thermal Engineering) at University of Belgrade. In 1968, he started to work with Institute of Thermal and Nuclear Engineering, Energoinvest-ITEN, Sarajevo. He worked with the Institute as a young researcher, a project manager to an advisor. With his participation, studies and developments were carried out on the problem of safety and optimization of power and technological systems and novel production technique. The basic field of his work was and remained experimental investigations and modeling of turbulent flows in various processes.

His first really meeting with science had been during his graduated study which had been organized with participation of the known professors from various country (e.g. B. Launder for Turbulence modelling or B. Bird for Transport Phenomena). In 1977, he received diploma of M.Sc. for the work: “Particles trajectories in turbulent swirl flows in axisymmetric channels”. It was the first work in former Yugoslavia in the field of two-phase turbulent flow modeling. Afterwards, he has been trying to solve different problems by means of turbulent flow modelling. With team of his younger colleagues, he organized in the institute the department for coal conversion technologies (high temperature combustion, pulverized coal gasification, smokeless fuel). Development of the processes has been accomplished by modelling based on mathematical model of turbulence.

He got his Ph.D. degree working with Prof. K. Hanjalic on the theme “Mathematical model of simultaneous combustion and gasification of pulverized coal.” The simulation model treats the flow as a chemically reactive multi-component two-phase mixture with Eulerian description of the gas phase and Lagrangian description of the particles movement, their heating and mass change. The closure of the time averaged transport equations has been achieved by two-equation turbulence model with the inclusion of mass exchange between the phases due to chemical reaction and six flux model of the radiative heat exchange. Momentum, heat and mass phase coupling is achieved on the basis of so called PSI-CELL concept. Reactions of combustion are represented by the combined kinetic-diffusion reaction rates. Thermodynamic and transport properties necessary for obtaining realistic results are derived from equations of state, semi-empirical relationships and regressions of tabulated data. In the model development, he was with support by USA-Yugoslav Joint Board for Technological Corporation collaborating with Washington State University (Prof. Clayton Crowe).

Since 1992, he worked with Vinča Institute of Nuclear Sciences in Laboratory for Thermal Engineering and Energy. He was leader of the group for mathematical modeling of combustion processes. He mainly dealt with different turbulence model improving and upgrading and their application for the simulation of various flows. Most of them were two phase flows. For high temperature optically transparent media, he adapted a zonal model of heat transfer. The mathematical model is based on the Hottel zone method of radiative heat transfer. The simulations model, besides radiative heat transfer, treats convective, conductive and heat flux due to combustion chemical reactions of the process. Up to now, flow patterns used with the considered problems are estimated. For modelling some flows (e.g. swirl flow or jet flame), he used full Reynolds stress closure. Closure of the system of Reynolds equations of momentum and continuity for stationary turbulent flow of incompressible fluid has been carried out based on the solution of equations for the all components of turbulent stress. For modeling of Reynolds stress components approximations mainly based on the model originally proposed by Launder, Reece and Rodi have been chosen.

Dr Miroslav Sijerčić is author of the book “Mathematical Modelling of Complex Turbulent Transport Processes” (in Serbian) in which he collected his up to now experience in the field of mathematical modeling of turbulence. The book offers an overview of the mathematical models used to solve various problems in turbulent fluid mechanics with or without heat and mass transfer and chemical reaction (particularly of combustion) in a single or two phase flows. This text provides a documented critical survey of the mathematical models and gives state-of-the art description of approaches for the problem of different level of complexity. The book covers mathematical modeling of turbulent transport processes from fundamentals to applications.

From July 1999 to June, he was visiting researcher with German office of AEA Technology GmbH, Otterfing, Germany. During this time Dr Miroslav Sijercic worked on the examination of two-phase flow models in various flow configurations in the scope of FORTWIHR Research project: “Numerical Simulation of Multi-Phase Flows on High-Performance Computers”. Between the rest, the results of the work have been used for further optimization and improving the quality of CFX-TASCflow software of AEA Technology GmbH.

During his stay at LSTM (Lehrstuhl fur Stroemungsmechanik, Freidrich-Alexander-Universitaet, Erlangen, Germany) from October 2000 until October 2003 Dr Miroslav Sijercic worked on the mathematical modeling of precipitation process in the stirred reactor in the scope of OPTIMUM project funded by EC. An improved version of the mathematical model was finally implemented into a commercial CFD code (CFX5.6 software).

Since 2005, he was leading the scientific projects supported by the Republic of Serbia Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development:

2005-2007, Modeling and numerical simulation of turbulent flow and thermal processes in utility boiler furnaces;

2008-2009, Development and application of models and softwares for simulaton of processes in pulverized coal-fired utility boiler furnaces for the purpose of increasing energy efficiency and reducing emission of pollution.

He was one of leading scientists in cooperation between Institute Vinča and Electric Power Industry of Serbia, within the field of development and application of numerical models of processes in utility boiler pulverized coal-fired furnaces.

He published many scientific papers and technical solutions, including manuscripts in leading international journals, cited in a number of referent publications worldwide.

During his career, also after retirement in 2009, dr Miroslav Sijerčić has been contributing to Ph.D. students investigations and theses.


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